Talking Mimes Must Die is a touching, funny, infuriating, harrowing and ultimately hopeful experience. A virtual reality narrative drawn from true stories of people with profound physical disabilities. An emotional education piece developed for everyone - whether you're a caregiver, teacher, support worker, health professional, family member, friend, lover, hater, or total stranger to disability.

Talking Mimes Must Die is NOT a disability simulator in the traditional sense. Even sophisticated VR / XR simulations of disability are often problematic and, frankly, insulting. Watch "Why Talking Mimes Must Die" for detail.

Most of us vastly underestimate the number of people living with profound physical disability, because we rarely see them. It's an INVISIBLE POPULATION, because they're fighting the forest fires of frustration of their life in private. Not because they don't want to be a part of the world, but because the world is not built for them. It is in fact built in a way that specifically excludes them.

Almost all of us will have an access need at some point in our lives, and we will be at the mercy of others. Talking Mimes aims to better inform our behaviour towards those of us that have these needs now. To start a practical conversation around safety and respect. To actively reject the soft bigotry of low expectations. To peel back the layers of alienation and teach us how to be less accidentally condescending assholes, and more on purpose good humans.

How to Destroy Talking Mimes

To experience Talking Mimes yourself, use it in your organisation, family, circle of friends, or at an event - submit your details below and tell us how you'd like Talking Mimes to work for you. Closed captions for people with hearing impairments are currently available in-app in English - let us know if you're interested in CCs or subtitles for other languages.

The experience should be coupled with a facilitated conversation. Empathy on its own is a gift, but it's only halfway. We need to learn the tools that transform this new understanding into compassionate action - behavioural and social change. We're currently developing a kit to accompany the experience for this purpose. Also on the roadmap is unlockable content, such as optional narrations (internal monologues) to provide even deeper insights, and acerbic observations. Sign up below to be notified when these become available.

If you just want to be kept in the loop, or you'd like to tell us your own story, please feel free to do that too !  We have open minds and full hearts (except for mimes that talk - if you are a talking mime, our minds are closed and our hearts are full of rage, please stop what you're doing and seek professional help).


Writer/Director   Stefan Rochfort
Producers   Stefan Rochfort
Angela Hovey
Aliesha Staples
You   Blaze Bailey
Joy   Rachel Nash
Mystery Dick   David Van Horn
Mystery Lady   Leisha Ward-Knox
Doctor Brown   David Van Horn
Older Sister   Aeonie Ostik-Smith
Younger Brother   Samuel Ostik-Smith
Jack   Max Apse
Mandy Slade   Herself
Talking Mime   Milo Cawthorne
Phlegm Artist   Angela Hovey
Dr Sarvnaz Taherian   Herself
nousTM VO   Stefan Rochfort
Directors of Photography   Blaze Bailey
Aliesha Staples
Jason Delaveau
Art Directors   Royce Dawson
Angela Hovey
Wardrobe   Tracey Sharman
Janis Macewan
Sound Recordist   Andrew J Farrant
Editor   Stefan Rochfort
VFX   Stefan Rochfort
Animation   Masaya Todoroki
Graphic Design   Krissy Le Geyt
Stefan Rochfort
Sound Mix   Callum Lees
Stefan Rochfort
Oscar Burt
Spatial Sound Mix   Stefan Rochfort
Stitching/Compositing   Ryan Pow
Jason Delaveau
Disability Consultants   Mandy Slade
Amy Hogan
Quinn Ashton
Selena Ashton
Susan Gauci
Andrew Shea
Research Team   Stefan Rochfort
Dr Sarvnaz Taherian
Simon Raby
Acting Coach   Jeff Szusterman
Casting   Jeff Szusterman
David Van Horn
Workshop Collaborators   David Van Horn
Renee Lyons
Wesley Dowdell
Workshop Facilitator   Jeff Szusterman
Props   Propellor
Artwork   Art Bureau
Catering   Catroux
Location   Laura Fergusson Rehab
The Skin Institute
Software Developer   Stefan Rochfort
Amy Hogan
Andrew Shea
Simon Raby
Faye Philp
Stephen Doel
Carlson School for Cerebral Palsy
The Skin Institute
Michell Denize
Ryan Lebar
Carrie Shaw
Krystal Thompson
Dmitry Selitskiy
Dr James Pau
Huigenia Ostik
Amy Louise Nightingale
Steve Burgess
Sam Sneddon

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July 2018
Sneak preview at ISAAC 2018 augmentative and alternative communication conference
After accidentally setting up next to the service entrance, smack up the far end of the conference, it looked grim for our exposure. To our surprise and delight, though, by day 2 we were overwhelmed by crowds of people making such encouraging statements as "I got told by my colleague to skip the seminar I was going to, ignore all the other booths, if you do nothing else - do this VR thing!" You can see a few of their beautiful and insightful reactions in the trailer above.